Centre espoir et joie ASBL

Changeons la société, pas les individus

Managing staff

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Eva Guyot
Chief educator at the residential centre

Bachelor in speech therapy since 2010

Professional Background

  • Speech therapist for 5 years at Centre Espoir et Joie.
  • Chief Educator of the residential centre since 6 months

Carrier Plan

  • Take care of the residents in the best way possible in respect to their personal desires, their well-being and of their personal needs.
  • Guarantee the excellence of caring services.
  • Conduct and coordinate the support team.

Areas of interest
Get training on management.
Gain knowledge on the wellbeing of the ageing disabled persons.

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Isabelle Bongartz
Social worker

2003 - 2006 Graduated in social work in the High School Paul Henri Spaak.
2005 - 2006 Internship within the service of support for people with mental, physical and sensory disabilities, in Bataclan ASBL

Professional Background
2006 - Present day: Social worker at Centre Espoir et Joie

Carrier Plan
Keep informing, helping and accompanying families. The problem of the ageing is a day-to-day work and needs a special attention, what allows me to widen my skills and my network.

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Laurent Vranckx
Chief of staff and chief educator

Bachelor in special education

Professional Background

  • 1998: camp counselor at “Vacances Vivantes” summer camp
  • 2004: Educator at Centre Espoir et Joie
  • 2007: Chief educator at Centre Espoir et Joie
  • 2016: Group Leader at Centre Espoir et Joie

Areas of interest
I wish to gain knowledge on:

  • Communication
  • Ageing of disabled persons
  • Motor and sport activities
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Marie Tebaldi
Psychologist and Chief educator in the day centre

Master in Psychology, focus in clinical orthopedagogy at the University of Mons (BE)

Professional Background

  • Educator at the residential centre for disabled persons: “La Pommeraie”
  • Manager and animator in summer camps for children.
  • Scholar support for children with autism spectrum disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Carrier Plan

  • Get more training on team management to improve my position as Chief Educator. Help the professionals improve continuously their competences, and encourage the team to deploy these competences.
  • Sexuality and emotional life of persons with an intellectual disability, develop supports and evaluate the effects of this activity.
  • Get training on dual diagnosis and propose specific care for the persons with a dual diagnosis.
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Pierre Baudry
Nurse, Head of medical services, paramedical coordinator

1997: Bachelor in nursing studies ( Diplôme d’état Infirmier en France)

Professional Background

  • 2011 to present: Medical Services at Centre Espoir et Joie, Nurse coordinator.
  • 2004 –2011 : nurse at “Centrale des Soins à Domicile de Bruxelles”.
  • 1998 – 2004: Nurse at “Hôpital Mémorial France-Etats-Unis de Saint-Lô” (France) , a year in emergency services and 4 years in the pulmonology, physiology, and cancerology services.
  • 2002: Volunteering Nurse for Humanitarian Aid in Senegal

Carrier Plan
Various trainings have allowed me to improve my abilities:

  • On pain
  • On alcoholism
  • On peritoneal dialysis
  • On pulmonology
  • On palliative care
  • On blood monitoring
  • On the relations with family when the vital prognostic is compromised
  • On undernutrition of the elderly
  • On hygiene: how to handle a hygiene problem
  • On the postural and motor disadaptation syndrome
  • On leading meetings
  • On software tools: excel

Areas of interest

  • Gain knowldge on Gerontology
  • Deepen my knowledge on psychotropic drugs.
  • Create a group of nurses that work on the field of intellectual disability.
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Virginie Vanhemelryck
Educational person in charge

2014 - 2015 : Master’s degree in neuropsychology - Université Libre de Bruxelles
2013 - 2014 : Master’s degree in speech therapy - Université Libre de Bruxelles/ Université Catholique de Louvain

Professional Background

  • Logopède in the center “Espoir et Joie”
  • Logopède in the center of day “ Les Platanes”

Carrier Plan
In continuous training, constantly updated of the knowledge on the intellectual deficiency (recent scientific researches on specific themes: the mental health, the self-determination, the quality of life, the ageing, etc.)